Data Literacy for Professionals (2/2)

This is the second part of the Data Literacy for Professionals article Examples of Data Literacy in PracticeData literacy adds value to an organization in various ways, one of which is to support decision-making. Say you need to create a new marketing campaign to increase customer retention, for example. Where would you start? Would you … Read more

The Shortcomings of Logic and the Spectrum of Life

Don’t let the somewhat philosophical title mislead you! This isn’t an article for the abstract aspects of the world, but something pointing to a very real problem in our thinking and how it makes experiencing life difficult. Namely, an age-old issue with our logic, reasoning, and how as a data modeling tool, it fails to … Read more

Data Literacy for Professionals (1/2)

IntroductionDifferent people mean different things when they talk about data literacy. For this article, so that we are on the same page, let’s use the definition of “the ability to create, manage, read, work with, and analyze data to ensure & maximize the data’s accuracy, trust and value to the organization” (D. Marco, Ph.D.). Note … Read more