The new season of the Analytics and Privacy Podcast

Due to the success of the Analytics and Privacy podcast in the previous few months, when the first season aired, I decided to renew it for another season. So, this September, I launched the second season of the podcast. So far, I have three interviews planned, two of which have already been recorded. Also, there are a few solo episodes too, where I talk about various topics, such as Passwords, AI as a privacy threat, and more. Since I joined Polywork, many people have connected with me on various podcast-related collaborations, some of which are related to this podcast. So, expect to see more interview episodes in the months to come.

There is no official sponsor for this season of the podcast yet, so if you have a company or organization that you wish to promote through an ad in the various episodes (it doesn’t have to be all the remaining episodes!), feel free to contact me. Cheers!